Helping You Assess and Manage Your Risk


At CFI Systems we also provide security consultancy services to help clients understand the risks they face, map their security needs and identify the right solution that will safeguard their premises or sites. These days threats come in many forms and we work with clients to pinpoint vulnerabilities and implement the right protective measures.




There is no one size fits all solution, and without real understanding and testing, any security system is liable to be completely ineffective. Our 20 years of experience in security systems in Surrey, London and Sussex working with major organisations and businesses, means that we can draw upon a wealth of knowledge to find the right solution and system for your needs.



What We Do


We would begin the process by visiting your site and understanding the potential threats and vulnerabilities. We find the vulnerable points and provide a full assessment of your current security in line with current British & European standards.


We will use the information that we have gained from consultation and collaborate with you to design an effective system that will safeguard your premises and employees. However complex the risks are, we will create a system that is cost-effective and maximises effectiveness.


We'll then supply and install your security system, ensuring that it complies with all standards and regulations. We'll provide effective aftercare and maintenance and be available in the event of any issues.

 Security Systems in Surrey and London Consultancy




 Security Systems in Surrey and London

 We are proud to be accredited by the NSI which is the most coveted governing body within the security industry. Their accreditation signifies to our clients that we are a competent, highly professional organisation working to the strict British and European standards set for our industry.


 Security Systems in Surrey and London


Gate safety is paramount to us and we have undertaken extensive training with the Door & Hardware Federation.